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“In Malmo, composer in residence Jonas Forssell with libretto by Dorfman
have created a master piece.

Jonas Forssell’s and Ariel Dorfman’s work is of a rare caliber. In a not so
remote future it will be in the repertory of every serious opera house. It
should be a matter of course that the Royal Opera (Copenhagen) secure Death
and the Maiden as soon as possible.”
Information (Danish)

“The three singers deliver incredibly superior achievements. / Erika
Sunnegårdh’s soprano is clear as glass, Fredrik Zetterström’s baryton
continuously keeps getting better and better and Joseph Wolverton’s tenor is
Skånska Dagbladet

“The voice of Sunnegårdh has never appeared so intimate.

His (Jonas Forssell) skillfulness to charge a dialogue with musician-like
voltage intensifies sometimes to a level of mastery.”
Svenska Dagbladet

“A magnificient world première.

In Åsa Melldahl’s precise and sensitive direction and Bengt Gomér’s
clinically cold set design, Death and the Maiden is a strong and suggestive
and urgent experience, brought to high levels of vocal intensity and full
expression by above all Erika Sunnegårdh’s burning and expressive soprano in
the part of Paulina, but also by Fredrik Zetterström as Gerardo, with a
baritone sonority and authority in performance, and by the American tenor
Joseph Wolverton whose penetrating voice mirrors the whole range of
emotional variations in Doctor Miranda.”